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We design our unique, unframed work in-house & you can choose to purchase one of our designs and frame via online framing sites. A format frames & standard square inch (22, 20, 16, 12) frames can be purchased online easily from framing websites, they tend to offer black, white with many also supplying natural timber options. You can also have our wall decor framed locally via many affordable or premium framing retailers in your city of residence. Our designs are deliberately created to fit common frame sizes.

Acrylic is a good option for frame glazing. Glass while regularly assumed as being more expensive is usually cheaper than acrylic options. Plastic types tend to be less prone to breakage particularly when falling from walls in the home or being transported. Acrylic is lighter, more flexible and can come with glazing options like UV protection. For more reading on the topic of glazing visit this TATE article.






It's one thing to have a great design and another to match it with a good quality frame based on personal tastes. We offer high quality work with affordable prices. Our designs (in majority) are printed on quality 250 gsm art paper. We have the option for our larger sizes to come as Giclée Prints on Hahnemühle 308 gsm paper (100% cotton archival) using pigment Inks. A papers weight in GSM (grams per square inch) is a good measure of a papers quality along with paper acidity and being acid free (archival grades - 100 years). Higher gsm paper weights are less likely to rip or tear and are thicker. We create our work with the aim of breaking from more traditional wall art found online. We create originals which are contemporary. We try to push ourselves to create great designs with sometimes highly detailed design. Our soon-to-be released wall art along with our current work includes themes based on gestalt design, nature, science and geometric principles which are distinct and different from some of the more generic wall decor based sites found online. Our unframed work is varied (in design) and we are working to accommodate a wide range of interests. Watch this space for updates to our collection. We have both international and national shipping options as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, G Pay and secure credit/debit card payment methods.

The A1 size & landscape/portrait formats are surprisingly quite large when placed on the wall particularly with wider frames and mats. While work for commercial businesses can be printed on much lower grade gsm paper and limited edition work can sometimes be closer to or above 300 gsm we decided on a 250 gsm art paper as a good balance between quality and affordability. It's not uncommon for commercial graphic design work to be printed on 180 gsm or lower gsm paper grades. 

Our selected work is made-to-order. We ship securely within mailing tubes via Australia Post. Shipping times can vary, local deliveries come in around 2-3 weeks, with regularly much shorter periods. Shipping locally via the post keeps costs down for our customers. International shipping can vary between countries. Please allow 3-7 days processing as well as shipping times. We hope to provide great print artwork, chic designs and ultimately have people's environments in an ever-appealing state. We hope to make you just as happy as we are in creating the artwork. 



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Our wall décor is designed and made in Australia. We have something to suit most homes and apartments or even hotels, businesses & cafe's. Our designs are digital based work using high quality printing methods. Our landscape & portrait digital art comes in A1, A2 & A3 sizes. Thec 22, 22 (55cm) 20 x 20 inch (50cm), 16 x 16 inch (40cm), 12 x 12 (30 cm) & 8 x 8 (20 cm) square sizes are slightly smaller and rounded down by a few millimetres for a perfect fit for their corresponding inch based frames. Some of our design work is registered. We are aiming to register most the wall decor.



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Printing History

The first type of printing was the Chinese woodblock (601 - 700 AD) of the Tang Dynasty. In 1439 the first modern form of printing press know as "Gutenberg" printing press was created by Johannes Gutenberg and is largely attributed as the first means of producing print work & books at scale (large amounts). While not the first type of printing used it enabled the affordable mass production of books though the use of hand-moulded movable metal type. Compared to earlier Chinese woodblock press it was a much improved technology. As the German Gutenberg printing press became more widely used it allowed the Renaissance to spread across countries in Europe. The Gutenberg printing press was used to create the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg printing press was incredibly important historically & in terms of modern publishing and printing. In time the Gutenberg printing press was proceeded by other forms of printing including industrialised offset-lithography, screen printing and Giclée inkjet printing using pigment inks.



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