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Logotype / Typeface: TT Interphases Regular / Modern Geometric Sans Serif
Use: Web Interfaces, Mobile  Interfaces, User Interface
 Logomark & Logotype : A black stylised framed print with the design of a desktop screen also visible. We are an online art prints business.  We design original geometric prints ;) 
TT  Interphases web font is used across this site keeping our digital presence inline with our print branding.
We found that the while we liked  TT Hoves, TT Interphases was more suitable for our art prints business as it is less geometric and square than TT Hoves with more rounded characters. We believe TT Hoves is ideally suited to tech, science and design use. TT Interphases we find to be a good cross-over type that can be used for art, design & tech branding with elements of geometric type that is well suited to online interfaces.
Oh and it's animated too!  😀  🙌 Logo White AnimatedLogo Giff White



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